About Us


Hey friend! My name is Amanda and the name Gabanda's Closet is a mashup between my husbands name (Gabner) and my name. 

Finding modest and stylish clothing isn't always easy and isn't always affordable either. Sometimes the styles can look a little bland or doesn't compliment a persons shape. Modesty doesn't mean you have to wear a sheet-like dress! Unless that's what you're going for.

At the same time you may have your days where you'd love to be comfortable and cute in your leisurewear. Think of the evenings after work or better yet, those days off of work, out shopping with the girls, or running errands. You want to be cute while doing whatever it is you're doing, right?!

So Gabanda's Closet creates a space where you can find modest and chic dresses as well as cute and comfortable leisurewear without compromising style, fashion, and character or breaking the bank.

If you're that woman who loves to dress up and in the same breath be super cute and comfortable, Gabanda's Closet is for you!

We hope you find exactly what you like, items roll in frequently so if you don't find what you like now be sure to check back again. Happy shopping through Gabanda's Closet!!