About Us

 Hey friend! My name is Amanda and the name Gabanda's Closet is a mashup between my husbands name (Gabner) and mine. 

Gabanda's Closet is a clothing boutique tailored made for the modern women who want to build a comfortable and classy wardrobe.

Gabanda Closet's mission is to create a space where you can effortlessly style comfortable but classy chic clothing. Yes you can look Cute, Comfy, Classy, and Stylish without having to spend hours putting together an outfit! You're 100% in the right place!
You'll find a variety of matching two piece sets, jumpsuits, and more that speak for themselves and can be mixed and matched. Definitely a money and time saver! 
If you're that woman who loves to dress up and keep it cute, comfy, classy, and effortless, Gabanda's Closet is for you!
We hope you find exactly what you like, items roll in frequently so be sure to sign up for text/email alerts! Happy shopping through Gabanda's Closet!!